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Painting: the seat of virtue

First in four paintings series “The Four Desires that drive all Human Behaviors.”

Also, first in the 10 paintings series “The Seat of Virtue.”

          The painting shows a woman at the summit of her sexual maturity contemplating Time. There is a                              decision to be made: Is the Sun on the horizon the sunset of her youth? Or, is it the empowering dawn of an              era of sexual freedom and exploration?

     This painting is almost puerile. However, looking puerile is not detracting because it makes the painting look more natural and spontaneous. The word puerile reminds me of Cupid, the libidinous god of love depicted as a child. He walked around playfully and joyful striking subjects with his arrows regardless of peoples’ rational choices. I hope this painting and its flaws strikes people like cupid did. Regardless, people will see this painting in different ways as diverse people experience love and libido, or an erotic dream, in diverse ways.

     The figure is the depiction of a woman as the Tree of Golden Apples and a violet in the Garden of the Hesperides. The violet is also a lily, a flower in the fields of the well-known Biblical verse (Matthew 6:28). The violet is surrounded and at the base of a hill that may be as well the mount of Jesus’s famous sermon because the woman depicted in the painting may be a sad aging woman but she much passion in her heart. Her “violet” is a cup overflowing with the wine of life. The violet grows representing the woman’s “violet”, a symbol of her unique sexuality and untamed spirit as being a violet in a field of lilies.