A Man

of  Zen

     Zen, Art & Poetry

Painting: “the fire and the flood.”

The 3rd painting in the series “the seat of virtue.”

     This the same flower depicted on “the desert will bloom like the rose” painting. This is no longer a shy rose. Now, she reigns over the desert with its perfume and vitality. This is the soul who had retracted into pre-puberty. But now she has reclaimed the plenitude of being a sexual, sensual, and embodied woman.

​     In this painting, fire and flood are what the rose (or the woman) is for herself. She is her own fire, her own sun. She is the source of her own vitality. She does not feel threatened by the desert anymore. Actually, she is transforming the desert with her life force and her voluptuous emotions. Her body has become the dance of spheres ever curving, moving like a feminine Nataraja creating her own universe with a dance of veils. Her curves meet, clash like the circumferences of planets forming a solar system that emanated from her sexuality. Her navel is Lilith, the Black Moon, a black hole, a source of forbidden emotions that suck men in. Her nipple is half Moon and half Blood Moon (The mother, the wife. La femme, the bitch).